About Me

I‘m John Phillips, a UX Designer & Web Developer with 15 years experience designing and building for the web.

I enjoy creating prototypes. Prototypes are a quick way to explore an idea and get a feel for it. I use a couple of tools to speed the process up: Jekyll a ruby framework for creating static sites and Angular JS a JavaScript framework for creating applications.

Placeable Workbench

I was the Lead UX Designer for Placeable Workbench, a SAAS Location Data Warehouse product. This app allows large brands to get the most out of their location data. It helped them find and fix problems in their data. Usability of the app consistently rated highly by users.

I worked closely with product management to identify and design features. I built an early static prototype of the app used to validate the concept and guide development. I also created wireframes, comps, and did some development on the product.

Store Locators

At Placeable we created a platform that allowed us to quickly build store locators for our clients. I did the UX design of the templates used in the system. These were “skinned” with the site‘s branding. I was also part of the engineering team that built the system.

Sites built on our platform combined top-tier usability with best in class SEO.

Some example sites:

The branding and graphic design were done by others. I did the UX design of the base templates, including the flow between pages and information hierarchy.

Bigger Brands

In addition to the standard templates, clients could choose to fully customize the sites. Bigger brands often went this route.

Angular Apps

Location Scout – This app is a sales tool. It provides prospects and sales people a way to check a brand’s local data.

I did the design and code on this one, although it is calling an internal API that is doing much of the heavy lifting. This got built pretty quickly, less than a month working off and on.

ROI Calculator – Another sales tool, this one estimates the ROI of Placeable’s offereings. I did the UX Design and much of the engineering, adapted from an existing project. Total dev time for this project was about 2 weeks.

The langauge used and settings offered are a bit “inside baseball” but the app was used by sales people. They’d send a link to a client and walk them through it.