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How Dangerous is Driving While High?

By John Phillips on April 20, 2018

I watched a CBS This Morning story about driving while high. It’s April 20 (4/20) so we got to have some pot news.

The story was about how there aren’t really tests or standards for what marijuana impairment looks like. The cops don’t have good ways to assess how much pot someone has ingested. And nobody is sure how much is too much.

At one point Barry Petersen, the CBS news correspondent, asks a Colorado state prosecutor:

“You could have three marijuana cigarettes, but it might affect you differently if you were a regular user than if you’ve come from out of state and this is your first time?”

And while this is true, it does effect people differently. This kind of misses the point. First, that is a huge dose. Second, we don’t really know what effect cannabis has on... continue reading