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A collection of writing about UX design and other topics.

UX Design

Responsive by Default Layouts

I was learning more about flex box, when I came across an interesting article on Smashing Magazine, Using Media Queries For Responsive Design In 2018 by the brilliant Rachel Andrew. In it, she explains the “responsive by default” properties that... continue reading

The Problem with ‘Gathering Requirements’

As I was reading this post by UX Legend, Jared Spool, I found myself nodding in agreement hard enough that neck injury seemed like a real possibility. Seriously, the article is a gem. You should go read it now. The... continue reading

Presenting Multiple Design Options

Interaction design begins with research. You need to understand who is going to use the product and what they want to accomplish. You need to understand their background. What applications they use and like. How they currently solve the problem... continue reading

Simplify Forms to Increase Conversion Rates

At Moonsault we have worked on several landing page / lead generation projects this year. And one thing keeps coming up. Clients want to add a whole bunch of fields to their lead generation forms. Which is bad for conversion.... continue reading

The Other Kind Of Research

The first step in most UX work is research. You need to understand who is going to use the product and what they want to accomplish. You need to understand their backgrounds. What applications they use and like. User research... continue reading

You Think Your Website Looks Like This…

It’s a safe bet that a substantial amount of your site’s traffic is coming from mobile devices. It’s a sure thing that your mobile numbers are growing while desktop is shrinking. Let’s go to the charts. Internet Usage Worldwide, March... continue reading

Make It Obvious

When designing an application, make it obvious how to get started. The canonical example of an obvious starting point: This is a recent capture of Google’s home page. The core design is nearly identical to the first version of the... continue reading

Other Topics

Interactive TV Ads

Like more and more people, we cut the cord and stopped paying for cable TV sometime last year. Most of the shows we watch are ad free, but some still have ads. Nearly all of these are just standard television... continue reading

An Oddity Casting Netflix from iOS to my Roku

I just got a Roku Streaming Stick+ and so far, I dig it. I bought it to replace an older Roku 2, that was starting to make a death rattle: channels would take a long time to open and sometimes... continue reading

How To Store User Data in Inversoft Passport

I wrote about using Inversoft Passport, an Identity and User Management system with a simple, easy-to-use API, and fantastic customer support. The article shows how to quickly stand up a sample project and use the API to store additional user... continue reading

Obituary for Judy Phillips

Posting this here so it has a permanent home on the web. Love you mom. ~~~ Judith Marie (Cunningham) Phillips died peacefully in hospice on November 6, 2017 in Wheat Ridge, CO at the age of 77. Judy is survived... continue reading

Unabomber Research

I binge-watched Manhunt: Unabomber on Netflix recently. It’s a dramatic retelling of the FBI’s hunt for the Unabomber. I enjoyed the show, but it was obvious that they took liberties with the facts. Which made me curious about the actual... continue reading

Arches National Park

Arches is an amazingly beautiful park. It’s so gorgeous you almost get “beautiful desert landscape” fatigue. It’s located just north of Moab, UT. You enter the park at the south end from U.S. Highway 191. The main road runs from... continue reading

Proposal for a More Rational Calendar

What is your first memory of the metric system? I remember learning about it in elementary school. It struck me that the units for measuring distance —centimeters, meters, kilometers— just made much better sense than the Imperial system, with 12... continue reading

Show Some Courage Senator

Dear Mr. Gardner, In my opinion you were wrong to vote for the Repeal/Replace bill. You were wrong on the Repeal-only bill. You were double-extra-wrong on the Skinny Repeal vote. What we need is a group of more moderate centrists... continue reading