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(Moderately) Extreme Programming

By John Phillips on May 09, 2018

Is your team agile or just having scrums?

I got my start in technology working at Quark. Quark was a great company and I learned a ton. I started in tech support, working the phones, helping to diagnose and fix customer problems. I did some QA work, some technical writing, product management and eventually UX design.

Quark was packed with smart people. You couldn’t swing a cat without hitting three or four legitimate geniuses. But the development process — particularly on the flagship project, QuarkXPress — was a mess.

The release cycles were very long. Looking at the wikipedia page for QuarkXPress — and yeah that’s how it’s spelled — there were seven years between the release of versions 3 and 4. Version 3.1 was the first release that ran on Windows and on the Mac, 3.3 was the first PPC native version. Only a few new features... continue reading