A collection of writings about UX design and other topics.


Simplify Forms to Increase Conversion Rates

Examining how form complexity affects conversion rates. August 16, 2017

The Other Kind Of Research

How the business realities of an advertising driven site can affect UX design and decision making. July 24, 2017

Make It Obvious

When designing an application, make it obvious how to get started. June 23, 2017

You Think Your Website Looks Like This…

It’s a safe bet that a substantial amount of your site's traffic is coming from mobile devices. It’s a sure thing that your mobile numbers are growing while desktop is shrinking. June 29, 2017

Other Topics

Arches National Park

It’s so gorgeous you almost get “beautiful desert landscape” fatigue. September 07, 2017

Proposal for a More Rational Calendar

Wouldn’t it be nice if every month started on a Sunday and ended 28 days later on a Saturday? July 31, 2017

Show Some Courage Senator

A Letter to Senator Corey Gardner. More of a rant, really. July 28, 2017