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Blog Posts / Websites / Microcopy / Documentation / Technical Writing

My background is in technology. I have been designing and building on the web for over fifteen years. My degree is in English. Let me put both skills to work for you.

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The Game Plan

  1. Learn about your audience. Who they are and what they want.
  2. Understand the tone you want to project.
  3. Identify your goal. Are we educating or persuading? What does a win look like?
  4. Write the piece. Edit it. Get your feedback. Revise it. Repeat until you are happy.
  5. Promote the piece on social media and my blog. (Unless I ghostwrite it.)


Base Rate 10¢ a word $70 for 700 words, $100 for 1,000
Research Required 15¢ a word $105 for 700 words, $150 for 1,000
Highly Technical 30¢ a word $210 for 700 words, $300 for 1,000

Those categories are fairly subjective, but we’ll start with a conversation and agree on a price up front.

If you’d prefer an hourly or project rate, no problem. We can work that out.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are blogging as part of a content marketing strategy, SEO is an important consideration. I have a good grasp of the basics. For example, this post currently ranks second on google for the search “presenting multiple design options.”

There are a lot of factors that affect ranking, and I can’t promise that your post will be on the first page of results. But I will maximize your ranking, and I understand which details matter most.

Topics I Have Written About

You can get a feel for my writing style on my blog.