Show Some Courage Senator

John Phillips, July 28, 2017

Dear Mr. Gardner,

In my opinion you were wrong to vote for the Repeal/Replace bill. You were wrong on the Repeal-only bill. You were double-extra-wrong on the Skinny Repeal vote.

What we need is a group of more moderate centrists to work across party lines. I had hoped that you would be that kind of Senator.

That would take courage though. You have to stick your neck out to work across the aisle. So far, we haven’t seen much courage out of you.

Maybe Graham’s more state-centered approach to Healthcare could work? Maybe you could even find a large group in the center for this? I don’t know.

Maybe the answer is to get to work on fixing the problems in Obamacare. It’s not the leftist system is has been sold to be. And it definitely has problems. There is work to be done.

Here’s hoping we can expect better from you,
John Phillips

Colorado Native and long-time Sunnyside Resident.