Using Webhooks in Inversoft Passport

John Phillips, May 22, 2018

Spiderweb strung between two plants

I wrote another post for the good folks at Inversoft. This one is about using a webhook to respond to an event.

Honestly, I was not that familiar with webhooks until I wrote the post and they are pretty cool. No wonder this approach is gaining popularity.

What Is A Webhook?

A webhook is a way to subscribe to an event. When the event occurs, your application gets notified. Webhooks provide real-time notifications. Instead of having to poll an API and watch for changes, you get notified when they occur.

In Passport, here’s how it works: You attach a webhook to one or more events in the system. In the post, we attach a webhook to the user.delete event. When this event occurs, Passport posts a JSON payload to a URL you specify.

In your app, you create a route for that URL and respond when it gets called. The JSON contains information about the event.

In effect, you have created a callback, a simple messaging system between two web apps.

Learn more about using webhooks in Inversoft Passport.