Nationwide Insurance Agent Locator

Nationwide Insurance Agent Locator, 2012

An agent locator for Nationwide Insurance (more images below)

Working at Placeable, I lead the design of this agent locator, working with Nationwide’s excellent in-house UX team.

They had just completed work on a mobile app, that included an agent locator. For SEO and usability reasons our project also included mobile designs. We worked mobile first, designing the mobile experience before moving on to the desktop.

It was an easy working relationship. They had a lot of research about what users wanted and expected. I had been working in local search for about five years, first with Local matters and then at Placeable. And we really saw eye-to-eye on the designs.

Usability Testing

Both the mobile and desktop designs were usability tested. They had a great lab and a really skilled tester running the sessions. Overall, the designs tested well. Users were able to conduct searches and find what they were looking for.

We learned that the “use my location” search made sense to users on mobile devices, but “felt creepy” on the desktop version. Nationwide is still using the app we designed, although the visual design has been updated. It now includes the “use my location” feature on the desktop, which leads me to believe that people are more accustomed to this now.

Nationwide Agents are independent contractors. Typically they work in their own offices. However, in some cases many different agents share an office address, even though they are separate businesses. This happens because Nationwide provides office space for newer agents. They had been worried that these would be confusing. That users would wonder why a number of agents, sometimes twenty or more, were all at the same location. We designed several approaches that collapsed these. None of these designs survived the usability tests. Users were confused by the attempts to collapse them. When they were presented as normal results, users either correctly guessed the reason, or pretty much did not care.

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