Physician Locator

A Physician Locator for a Large Health Care Company

Moonsault Software built this physician locator for a large health care company.

The brief was to create a tool to help insurance agents sell to an older population. Business rules at the company organized the physicians into different groups. A doctor could belong to multiple groups, but each patient could enroll in only one. The challenge was to provide a way to visualize these networks. To help the agent and customer find a group that included all the doctors the customer wanted.

The design we settled on combines a physician locator with a shopping cart. You can search for and save doctors to your “cart”. You can filter by speciality, language and other physician attributes. For any given doctor, you can search within their network. The cart page highlights the groups that saved doctors have in common, and displays a warning if there aren’t any.

I designed the app and did front-end development. The visual design was dictacted by the company’s brand guidelines. The project had an aggressive timeline, six weeks from start to finish.

The original ask was to create both a mobile application and a resposive site. Due to th tight schedule, we convinced them to build just the responsive site. The app is behind a log-in screen (not pictured). On a mobile devices, it prompts the user to install it on the home screen.

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